Global Trace

Global Seafoods (Pvt) Ltd (GSF) was brought to life through our passion to harness the Essences of the Oceans with dedication and focus which delivers Freshness and Quality to our clients across many continents.  This ethos we follow have allowed us to delight the most discerning customers with exquisite demand for taste and quality, every time.

From its inception in 1999, GSF set its sights on sourcing and processing Seafood responsibly to protect our Natural Resources while delivering Freshness and Food Safety to the consumer. Hence our growth has been, and will continue to be, consistent and sustainable. 

Innovation is a hallmark of GSF and has always lead the way. We are one of the first companies to individually test every specimen for Histamines, which is now a widely-accepted concept. Our commitment to food has no room for compromise wherein we continually review through our Progressive Quality Management Systems.

We employ techniques such as Long Line Fishing at depths over 50m in colder water which result in our catch displaying richer texture and Colour. This attention to detail has gained us many a partners and clients who rely on ability to deliver consistency.

Our commitment to ethical and sustainable seafood production is also emphasized by adherence to wild caught fish. Aside from the lower contaminants, and force fed additives, the wild caught species are a healthier consumption.

As with many success stories, our crew has played a pivotal role in crafting our progress with their skill, precision and dedication. We deliver our products at the highest echelon of quality and service through an amazing crew who has helped us build an amazing organization which is trusted by our clients and consumers alike

Almost two decades on from our launch, we find ourselves today serving clients around the world where our products are consumed with anticipation and confidence while we continually strive to improve on every aspect of our company.